Unlike other Arbitraging solutions out there of which many are scams/ponzi’s, ShotSling does not operate a token, nor does ShotSling pool funds from a collective and trade. 

ShotSling operates from within the Agnes by Invacio Application as a bolt-on solution, where you pay for annual license to add-on the bot into your application in ETH, this is on-top of the annual subscription for Agnes which is in INV. 

Once your fees have been collected for first Agnes, then for ShotSling, the application will become open to you, at which point your bot will be allocated space in the instance for specific exchanges, you enter your API keys for those exchanges, alongside your ShotSling API key and then simply press start.

No, the Trading Bot Element is integrated into your phone instance, and utilises your API keys for your hot-wallets on the exchange to trade your funds at your control, ShotSling/Invacio do not in any capacity get involved in managing your funds. 

Programmatically to connect to the exchanges through the Bot Instance the device would have access to the funds to trade them back and forth, ShotSling/Invacio however would not have decrypted access, but would be aware that you are a ShotSling Bot User, outside of the Zero knowledge Protocol set up for managing the Keys. However as always we would suggest only keeping the funds you wish to trade in your exchange hot-wallets and moving them if you wish to cease trading.

Exactly, this is where we see an opening, being a software supplier but not actively being involved in the process for the obvious reasons security, and liability, as an organisation we have built the bots to be unique to each user and trade based on their circumstances, from their devices without ShotSling or Invacio being actively involved.

An automated trading bot is tasks with accumulating a currency, i.e Bitcoin, naturally Bitcoin has its own price changes when compared to other currencies, as such it would be wise to follow any automated instructions or notifications, should the systems determine that the Markets might hit a point of devaluation, and stable-coin your accounts, we are looking at automating this across the exchanges via the bots as part of their process, however this is sometimes programmatically impossible on some exchanges.

No Arbitraging bot organisation can guarantee a % daily, monthly or yearly, the Bots main role is to accumulate a currency, an organisation that guarantee’s a % is usually found out to be a scam, bots could make 1% today, 4% tomorrow and -2% the following the day, the aim of the bot is to continue to accumulate the currency (i.e BTC) which you can then manually take from your exchange to one exchange and convert into a currency of choice.

Exactly, the bot is operated by you from your device (mobile), your funds are in your exchanges.

Agnes (https://agnes.invacio.com) has a annual fee of 100$ in INV, ShotSling has a license key valid annually on purchase in ETH, the Prices ranges based on early to late comers, this is also restricted to 1000 accounts maximum on Agnes. Don’t forget to consider funds in your exchange hot-wallets for trading.