Invacio API (Application Programmer’s Interface) is the result of our having isolated certain key functional components from the machinery of Invacio’s solutions, and making these components available for your own use. Several are essential utilities such as our media analysis API, which provides access to raw and analyzed media-content, and among other things is able to recognize objects, establish identities (to put names to faces), approximate biometrics such as height and weight, specify gender, and can even evaluate and track emotional states.

We have also made available APIs able to identify, interpret and extract written language, which can then be subjected to sentiment-analysis; being able to appreciate the tone of phrase, even when the language use is sarcastic or ironic, this is an invaluable capability in a world where a single tweet can so vehemently and drastically affect the markets. Additionally, there are APIs for Landmark Detection, identifying natural and man-made structures within media, and therefore able to locate the picture or video.

Using machine-learning technology, Invacio’s media API enables users to moderate offensive visual, audio and written content. It also uses the power of Invacio Spider AI to find topical entities like Public Figures, logos, and products, which combined with our comparative visual-similarity detector can locate and retrieve similar images from the web at large. There is also Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Voice Recognition, enabling you to detect text and the spoken word within media and to collect and run sophisticated sentiment analysis on them as a group.


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