Real Arbitraging Under Your Control!

After the successful launch of Agnes (Invacio’s AI-driven financial projection system) and the subsequent addition of the API capability, we had many people reach out to us to ask for an arbitrage facility. We were not comfortable being custodians of people’s funds, so made a bot that you control and use with the funds in your accounts!

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The Offering

With Invacio already offering AI projections and an API facility to be connected to arbitrage bots, Invacio was asked to go one step further and start an arbitrage system for people with no time or skills to build their own bot.

The Dilemma

As Invacio already offers financial projections and an API facility, we would be stepping into a legal quagmire if we were to start handling external funds directly and investing them. Additionally, whenever lots of other people’s money gets put into one pot, there is always the opportunity for something to go wrong and quite frankly, we didn’t want the responsibility of looking after so much money that wasn’t ours.

The Solution

ShotSling gives you the chance to run your own bot.

ShotSling runs from your own device.

ShotSling puts the power in your hands and any profits you make.

Other Products from our Partner Invacio

Why use ShotSling?

Created by Invacio Founder

Created by William, founder of Invacio, creator of Agnes, an AI Markets prediction system.

User Transparent

ShotSling is set up to operate on-demand and in-control of its users, rather than managed.

Real Arbitraging

ShotSling is real Arbitraging, no guaranteed % gimmick scams, each bot is unique to its operator.

Owner Custody

Only you, no-one else, has access to your funds at any time.

24/7 Bot Run & Control

The Bot runs when you want it to, not when we say, you are in complete control of the bot operational periods.

Application Fee, no % Cuts

It’s an annual fee for an API key to utilize the bot tied to your account, no ongoing %'s fees or fund custody.


Uno | Multi-Exchange Arbitraging

Uno, is the name allocated to the Arbitraging bot that is built to determine gains by moving funds from exchange to exchange, arbitraging differences as accumulated growth in USDT within your holdings.

Dos | Same-Exchange Arbitraging

Dos, is the name allocated to the Arbitraging bot that is built to determine gains and move with the markets to accumulate via on exchange trades, accumulation is in the form of growth of USDT within your holdings.

Tres | Multi-Exchange-Multi-Currency

Tres, is our hybrid bot, utilising Agnes AI technologies to determine near realtime pre-emptive moves, reacting across the scope of the markets, akin to chess, planning actions in advance whilst reacting on the fly based on pre-run scenarios – Experimental.